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Attention to detail is imperative to managing a successful yard and we leave nothing to chance.
Great attention has been given to the functionality and structure of the Stoneridge facilities in order to provide all horses,
owners, riders, instructors as well as staff optimal pleasure and peace of mind.

  • The beautifully structured and designed Stoneridge Barn accommodates:

    • 24 large stables
    • 2 Cold/Hot Water Wash Bays
    • Solarium
    • Shower Facilities
    • Kitchen

  • Practice & Exercise Facilities Available:

    • 3 Arena's
    (Dressage, Jumping & Small Arena all under Dust Control Sprinklers)
    • Lunging Ring
    • 800m Exercise Track
    (within the boundaries of the property)

  • Additional Facilities Available:

    • 2 Outside Wash Bays / Crushes
    • Horsebox Parking
    • Clubhouse
    • 34 large maintained paddocks
    (within the boundaries of the property)

  • Livery Services

    Horses and their owners can enjoy the quality care and horsemanship that is provided on a daily basis included in the livery rate:
    • Horses are fed 3 meals/day (tailored according to the horses needs)
    • Ad lib roughage
    • Top quality pine shavings
    • Experienced, knowledgable grooms
    • Weekly tack cleaning and numnah washing
    • Lunging
    • Show Preparation
    • Fly Spray, Shampoo, Plaiting, Hoof Hardener and minor medical products

    Our horses health and safety is of utmost importance to us and therefore we schedule all of the below appointments for you:
    • Vaccinations
    • Deworming
    • Veterinary Appointments
    • Dental Appointments
    • Physiotherapy Appointments
    • Chiropractic Appointments
    • Saddle Fitting Appointments

Join the Stoneridge Community

To join the Stoneridge Community or to view our facilities contact us telephonically or e-mail