Welcome to
Stoneridge Equestrian

"Stoneridge is a sanctuary where like-minded equestrian enthusiasts can enjoy uncompromising quality and professionalism in an unpressurized and comfortable environment"
~ Andrea Lotis, Stoneridge Equestrian Owner ~

Stoneridge Equestrian established in 2007, ideally and conveniently located in Sun Valley, Blue Hills is home to competitive and recreational horses competing across all equine sport disciplines and levels.


At Stoneridge the welfare of our horses is paramount and we pride ourselves on providing individual tailored care to each horse. From our top competitive horses to retired ponies each horse is treated with uncompromising, professional and quality care.

At Stoneridge Equestrian we don't believe less is more, we believe more is best and a fully comprehensive, hands on approach is provided to you and your horses needs.

• First class facilities and an individually handpicked management and grooming team.
• Horses are fed and supplemented according to their individual needs.
• Scheduling and monitoring of all veterinary, physiotherapy, dental and other complimentary treatments.
• All owners are welcome to use their own instructors.